Meet the Team

Board Members

Isaiah: Founder & President
Jacob: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Zeb: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • B.A. Communication Science & B.A. Community Recreation from WWU

  • Employment Coordinator with Albertina Kerr. CESP, QIDP

  • 1st place Collegiate Waterski National Team member  & 1-time Slalom National Champion. 

  • Husband & Dog Father

  • Action sports enthusiast & avid relaxer

  • National Personal Training Institute Alum

  • Functional Patterns Human Foundations

  • Avid soccer player and coach

  • Favorite Cartoon: Angry Beavers

  • "Shake n' Bake Jake"

  • BSSM '12 

  • Corporate Finance & Business Insurance

  • Lover of Love

  • Semi-Pro Wilderness Explorer

  • Favorite Activity: Fishing 

Crew Members

Ashton: Event Coordinator
Mike: Fundraising Coordinator
Matt: Marketing Coordinator